The «Morportservice-Eurotransservice» holding company’s Board of Directors Chairman:


«Forwarding companies pass in their development through three stages. The first stage is land forwarding limited to taking cargoes out of the port or their delivery to the port area. The second stage is organization of cargo delivery to the customer on «door-to-door» basis, which involves different modes of transport. At this stage the transportation itself is accompanied by sea freight services, customs clearance, etc. However, only representatives of the third generation of transport business – transport logistical companies – are considered to be advantageous. The complex of services rendered includes, besides cargo delivery and its customs clearance, the investigation (which is the main thing) of customers’ stocks, storage and distribution.

For over 10 years our company has been consistently going through all these stages of developing logistics business. We are persistently extending the list of services rendered to cargo owners in forming a full logistic service.

At this site you will find detailed information about our company’s activities, our achievements, abilities and plans.

I am sure, a virtual acquaintance with the «Morportservice-Eurotransservice» holding company will become a starting point for developing actual and mutually beneficial cooperation».