Logo of the holding company "Morportservice-Eurotransservice" containership, multimodal and international transportations
The <Morportservice-Eurotransservice> holding company effects international container, road and rail transportation, transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes, renders quality freight forwarding services, provides integrated logistics and security of goods in transit.Logo of the holding company "Morportservice-Eurotransservice" containership, multimodal and international transportationsRussian version

The history of the «Morportservice-Eurotransservice» holding started in 1993 when there was founded a private security company «Lenox-Tranzit». The company’s staff members were in charge of providing for a safe storage of goods in the port of St. Petersburg as well as their safe transportation by rail.

Irreproachable reputation of work in the port, long standing relations with business partners and foreign companies became a basic element for the company’s further development. In 1995 the «Morportservice» company was established. The company was involved in intra port forwarding and customs clearance of goods, delivered to St. Petersburg by sea.

The «Eurotranssevice» company was the next step aimed at organization of rail transportation of goods. In 1997 on the basis of the three companies there was established the ZAO «Morportservice-Eurotransservice» holding company.

Mutual activities of the two companies forming a holding allows to provide customers with a full technological cycle of cargo handling and delivery operations, ensuring a considerable competitive advantage on the market of multimodal transportation.


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