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One of the most pressing problems for St. Petersburg nowadays is air pollution by motor transport, that is the result of transit transportation volume increase, fleet extension together with its poor technical condition and slow development of transport infrastructure.
Motor transport’s contribution to the city’s gross emission amounts to 80-90%. The atmosphere Scientific Research Institute predicts that exhaust gas emissions can increase on 15-20% in the nearest future.
Ecological problems affect the development of transport business. Lack of domestic machinery, which corresponds to the European ecological standards, has led to the exclusion of Russian motor carriers from the international transport market.
The level of freight flow service to the European countries by Russian companies is very low. For instance, there were 140 000 transportations to Finland and only 5000 transportations to the countries of Central Europe in 2002. This region is actually closed for Russian trucks, which are not equipped with engines of Euro-2, Euro-3 and Euro-4 ecological standards. They still use mainly engines of Euro-0 type in Russia.
Such trucks with «zero-type» engines go through St Petersburg streets. The situation is critical. The European city, the so-called cultural capital of Russia is one of the most polluted places in the world.
However, the situation in other Russian cities is not much better. As a response to this fact the Ministry of Industry and Power Engineering of Russia decided to stop certificating cars and trucks without engines corresponding to Euro-2 ecological standards since July 2005.
Russian government is planning to equip new motor transport with Euro-3 engines starting from 2006, while since 2008 all machinery in the country must be produced in accordance with this standard.
The «Morportservice-Eurotransservice» holding company contributes to solving of ecological problems of St Petersburg transport branch greatly.
Jointly with widely known Russian motor manufacture OAO «KAMAZ» we created «KAMAZ North-West» Transport Company in 2004.
This project is supposed to be implemented within 3 years. During this period 500 container road-trains will be delivered to St Petersburg. At the same time OAO «КАМАZ» begins construction of a service center in St. Petersburg and three maintenance stations on St. Petersburg – Moscow highway.
«Morportservice-Eurotransservice» takes responsibility of freight flow organization and maintenance of constant capacity of this autopark.
«Kamaz» haulers involved in the project are certificated by the state authorities and correspond to international standards of ecology, safety and ergonomics. They are equipped with Euro-2 type engines of 260-360 horsepower, which considerably reduces environmental load in cities and on busy highways.
Ecological characteristics of our trucks’ engines are a lot better than those of «zero-type» ones: emission of carbon monoxide is 17,9 times lower, of hydrocarbon – 4,2 times lower, of nitric oxide – 2,2 times lower, of particulate pollutants – 3,2 times lower.
Trucks modifications with Euro-3 engines are elaborated in OAO «KAMAZ» and will soon come into production. It means that «KAMAZ» trucks will be able to go into European roads.
The Maritime Council of St. Petersburg administration and the Russian Ecological Party are among our company’s strategic partners.
The «Morportservice-Eurotransservice» representatives form a part of the Maritime Council committee for environmental safety in the sea, harborage and coastal zone of St. Petersburg Port and city waterways.
Our interests coincide with the Russian Ecological Party declaration, which together with St. Petersburg Committee of Environment Conservation work on solving the problem of atmosphere pollution.
In cooperation with these organizations we conduct seminars, press conferences, round-table discussions on environment pollution by motor transport, we attract mass media to cover ecological problems of our region.

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