Logo of the holding company "Morportservice-Eurotransservice" containership, multimodal and international transportations
The <Morportservice-Eurotransservice> holding company effects international container, road and rail transportation, transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes, renders quality freight forwarding services, provides integrated logistics and security of goods in transit.Logo of the holding company "Morportservice-Eurotransservice" containership, multimodal and international transportationsRussian version

The «Morportservice-Eurotransservice» holding company considers it their mission to create cargo flows, using all facilities being at the company’s disposal to raise and promote economical development of Russia’s industry and render customers a full and technologically complete complex of freight forwarding services. The volume and quality of the said services meet the high standards of business operations and totally respond to the customer’s needs providing for the company’s reasonable benefit and fair remuneration of its staff.


The basic criteria of the company’s philosophy are the following:

·        honesty

·        obligatoriness

·        understanding of social and business responsibility

·        recognition of common interests priority

·        respect for law


In business sphere the above criteria are realized in orientation to the market and consumers, in understanding the importance of quality of work and responsibility at any level, strict execution of contracts and fulfillment of obligations. Services rendered by the company should be of benefit and should be advantageous for the customer.


In the conditions of stiff competition the efficiency and stability of business depend on renewal of contracts. The guaranty of new applications to the company is professionalism, honesty and goodwill of its personnel, their real care about the customer’s needs and protection of his interests.


In the sphere of management the company is professing the philosophy of «purpose management» based on the criteria of recognition of common objectives. The coordination of separate objectives at all levels of structural components of the company is performed on the basis of dialogue, the main task of which is to establish maximally possible conformity of interests. The successful decision of this problem allows with a high degree of exactness to foresee the company’s future and influence it through correction of goals subject to changing conditions.

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